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Please enjoy the time you spend at our restaurant. We spend extra time and money to insure that our chef has the best ingredients available with which to prepare your meal. All dishes are prepared fresh daily in our kitchen,using only the highest quality ingredients.

We welcome you to bring your own beer and wine. “Ole!” Smile, laugh, smile some more. Eat, drink, and eat some more. Be happy if you feel happy; loving if you feel loving.

Enjoy yourself!

Jose Brid


When the Spaniards settled among the Indians of Central America during the 16th Century, they brought with them the traditions and heritage of the Mediterranean world. The Indians they found in Mexico were themselves inheritors of great traditions handed down from ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations. During tumultuous centuries that marked the clash of these great cultures there occurred a gradual blending. Today they may be regarded as having evolved into a truly new and unique culture all their own.

Nowhere is the blending more evident than in the cuisine of Mexico. Rice, introduced from the Old World, was, for instance, enlivened with New World tomatoes and chilies, to become the familiar and popular Spanish rice that is enjoyed all over the Americas. The European onion and garlic were warmly welcomed, and are today found in many foods that are in other respects purely Indian.

Prior to the coming of the Spaniards, the Indians had no knowledge of fats or oils, and thus no knowledge of the art of frying. The Conquistadors brought with them their lard-fatted pigs, and a whole new culinary technique was born. The Sonoran style of Mexican cooking we feature is subtly spiced, contrary to popular thinking that Mexican food is very peppery. However, for those desiring added pepperiness, we have spicy table sauces.